Trade in and Buy Back Prices

Trade-in prices are based on market estimation only and actual valuations are based on site inspection(prices will be based on several factors such as cosmetic defects,warranty,original accessories,original box and etc).Thus please bring down the entire set to our location to obtain an accurate trade in price of your mobile phones or tablets.As for brand new set,do bring along the original receipt for verification.To any other models not listed,do feel free to call or whatsapp us.Prices are subject to change at any time of the day due to market fluctuation and we reserved the right to reject any devices accordingly (example water damaged ,non working devices)

Kindly Look Through the following points in order to avoid misunderstanding

1. Trade in means exchanging for another device in our shop

2. We will deduct $20 if you do not wished to do a trade in for our device

3. Apple iPhone  must not be more than three days from activation

4. Original Receipt or softcopy  with date and imei (Photostat not applicable)needed for brand new set not dated more than three days from date of purchase(Please notifiy us if you have more than 3 sets to sell as we need to prepare the cash for you thanks)

5. Used phone is  based on best physical conditions(must include original box, charger and cable, in some models earpiece needed too eg.$10 will be deducted for each item if not available ,for special earpiece will be $20 deductible)

6. Definition of Brand New is not been used before nor charge and test beforehand and including the accessories to be in original state

7. Exchange set from local service centre is considered Used Set.

8. Buy-back price is subject to change without prior notice and shall be applicable at the time of transaction at our shop.

9. We reserve the right to reject any offers at our sole discretion without giving any specific reasons.

Contact us at  +880 1764-152303 and +65 9610 8137 for any enquiries

APPLEApple iPhone 6/6 Plus
AppleiPhone 6S 16gb ৳ 39,000.001 Years
AppleiPhone 6S 64gb ৳ 28,000.00Negotiate
AppleiPhone 6S 32gb ৳ 25,000.006 Months
SamsungA7 (2018) ৳ 25,000.001 Weak
SamsungA9 (2018) ৳ 30,000.002 Years
Samsunga10 2018 2GB৳ 35,0002 Years
Iphone6s 32GB৳ 35,0006 Month
Iphone6s 32GB৳ 35,0006 Month
Iphone6s 32GB৳ 35,0006 Month
Iphone6s 32GB৳ 35,0006 Month
Iphone6s 32GB৳ 35,0006 Month
Iphone6s 32GB৳ 35,0006 Month